Dan The Window Man installs windows with Vertex3® glass

GreenView’s proprietary Vertex3® high-performance glass technology is engineered to provide remarkable thermal efficiency, crystalline glass clarity and superior air infiltration protection.

The fact is that there are major differences in windows: in the strengths of the frame materials, the quality and durability of the hardware used, and the performance and features of the glass used.

Our goal has always been to offer our customers a product that combines beauty and efficiency, all at a great price. That’s why we partnered with GreenView Windows.

By partnering with GreenView and allowing them to focus on the latest energy-efficient technology, Dan The Window Man can focus on supplying and installing these top-rated windows – from the very basic to extremely complex installations… both small and large. Our job venues range from residential to commercial and even to condominium complexes.

ēvolv Glass Technology


Triple pane performance with double pane glass


Less wear & tear than heavy triple pane glass


Outperforms the industry average by 29% in energy efficiency

GreenView’s proprietary Ēvolv Glass Technology is a coating placed on the 4th glass surface (interior of the house) that redirects escaping heat back into the home. Not only does ēvolv greatly increase a window’s U-Value, but it offers better light transmittance and less reflectance. Using ēvolv will allow a double pane window to match nearly triple pane performance.

You can actually feel the difference by staying close to evolv windows as they will redirect heat as opposed to a wall that will absorb it. Ēvolv is resistant to surface cleaning products and will not fade with time.

Energy Rating

Double Hung ER
ēvolv Glass 36
Industry Average 28
Improvement 29%


ēvolv Performance vs. Triple Pane


Casement ēvolv Glass Other Brand – Triple Pane
ER 35 34
U-value 1.31 1.25
Energy Star Canada 2020 Yes *Brand dependant

ECTECH Technology


Naturally cleaner glass, with no effort


Dries 3x faster


Allows more visible light transmittance

Patented ECTECH naturally clean glass is a surface 1 coating (exterior of the house) which absorbs the sun’s UV light to loosen dirt so water can rinse it away. The patented ECTech coating rids itself of many non-mineral deposits (i.e. adhesive residue, fingerprints, pollens, resins, bird droppings, suction cup marks, etc.). Water spots are reduced by 99% creating crystalline glass clarity.

Owens Corning

Air Sealing Technology


Superior draft, sound, dirt, water & bug protection


Superior insulation performance


100% mould resistant seal

KP Building Products has partnered with Owens Corning®, a world leader in insulation products, to offer the exclusive Owens Corning® Air sealing technology. This technology is designed to improve your insulating value and make it as resistant as possible, and it offers a 24% improvement on air infiltration. KP Building Products relies on this strong association built with Owens Corning®, the most trusted name in home insulation in North America, and an indispensable part of the Vertex3® system.


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