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Fixed | Shaped Windows

Shaped or “architectural” windows are fixed windows which are available in an extensive range of custom shapes and sizes. Fixed windows are the ultimate expression of creativity and individuality and create a truly one-of-a-kind look. Fixed windows offer more glass area than fixed casement windows. Argon-filled glass with Low-E standard.

GreenView Fixed (Picture) Window ER Rating – 42

Fixed | Shaped Windows

Cutting-Edge Features


EVOLV glass technology increases thermal efficiency by up to 29% above the industry average by reflecting escaping heat back into the room.


GreenView’s EC TECH Technology is a titanium dioxide coating that absorbs the sun’s UV rays, loosening dirt particles and allowing water to rinse them away naturally, reducing water spots by 99%.


Industry-leading Owens Corning® Air Sealing Technology offers unmatched air infiltration protection, cutting drafts by up to 24% with a mould-resistant seal.

Energy Star® 2020 Certified

All GreenView Windows meet or exceed Energy Star® most severe standards. Learn more about GreenView’s ER ratings and why they matter.


The Intercept® ULTRA Warm-Edge Spacer System combines durability, rigidity and thermal performance, resulting in longer-lasting and more energy-efficient windows.

Maintenance Free

GreenView’s state of the art painting process – ChromaVX – ensures that the lustrous finish will never chip, peel, crack or warp.

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Fixed | Shaped Windows

Options & Hardware

Greenview Windows puts a lot of emphasis on saving energy and comfort. Their state-of-the-art glass options offer superior thermal efficiency and fade reduction and all of our windows come equipped to stand up to the harshest of elements. With increased efficiency, you don’t have to sacrifice style. They offer a variety of colour, exterior and grille choices that will compliment any home. It’s easy to personalize your windows and doors to achieve a look distinctive to you.

Frame Depth

Choice of structural frame depth options to meet any construction design:

  • 3 1/4″

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Brickmould is an exterior trim which frames the window like a picture frame. Functionally, it is used to fill the gap between the window and the exterior surface (stone, siding, etc.); aesthetically, it lends the home a richer look.

  • 1¼” Brickmould
  • 1-1/16” Extension & 2 ⅝” Extension
  • 2” Brickmould
  • 3-½” Flat Trim
  • ¾” Brickmould

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Vertex3® High-Performance Glass Technology offers the Best Overall Balance between Insulation Performance, Solar Heat and Light Transmission. Includes EC Tech Technology.

  • Triple Pane Performance in a dual-pane window.
  • Energy Star Compliant in a dual-pane window.
  • Light Transmittance: 78%
  • Blocks 80% of damaging UV rays
  • Cleaner, clearer windows.
  • Reduces water spots by 99%

Sol-R® Gain 180
Sol-R® Gain 180 is our standard glass package as it is very well suited to our northern climate. This glass is covered with one layer of Low-E coating and sealed with Argon gas between the panes, for excellent energy efficiency. This glass package provides good insulation performance and maximum solar gain – in other words, this is the best glass option when you would like to capture the sun’s warming rays in the winter. Sol-R® Gain 180 lets winter sun’s heat pass into the home while blocking 71% of damaging UV rays.

  • 1 layer of Low-E Coating
  • Good insulation performance
  • Maximum solar gain
  • Blocks 71% of damaging UV rays
  • Light transmittance: 79%

Sol-R® Shield plus 366
Sol-R® Shield Plus 366 is a glass that is covered with three layers of Low-E coating and sealed with Argon gas between the panes. Sol-R® Shield Plus 366 provides the best insulation performance with only moderate solar gain – in other words, this is the best glass option when you would like to reflect the sun’s heat from entering the home. This package prevents the sun from heating the home in the summer and reflects the homes’ heat back into the room in the winter. This glass blocks 84% of damaging UV rays.

  • 3 layers of Low-E coating
  • Better insulation performance
  • Moderate solar gain
  • Blocks 95% of damaging UV rays
  • Light transmittance: 65%
  • High level of comfort year-round

Textured Glass 
Textured glass options – including satin, frosted, and glue chip – are great for improved privacy! These options are great for bathrooms, ground floor and basement windows, or other rooms that require permanent privacy.

Tinted Glass
Glass tints – including grey and bronze – help to control glare and add some privacy during the day by lending colour and exterior shine to the glass, reducing visibility from the exterior; tinted glass provides little-to-no privacy at night. Tinted glass also provides a unique, modern aesthetic.

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Interior Finish Options

The depth of your window is rarely the exact depth of your wall. To match the depth of your wall from the interior, a jamb extension is used. The jamb extension is available in a number of materials and fits into a receiving channel located in the window frame, providing a seamless transition between your window and your wall.

  • Vinyl Clad Pine
  • Primed Pine
  • Natural Pine
  • Natural Oak
  • Full PVC Jamb Extension

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Interior Grilles & Simulated Dividers

Grilles are made of aluminum and are installed between the panes of glass (meaning you never have to dust them!) and are used solely for aesthetic purposes. Grilles can be used to match your home’s existing windows or to customize the look of your home.

Greenview SDL (Simulated Divided Lites) are engineered grille solutions for a variety of clients and applications (manufacturers, fabricators, distributors, dealers and architects) where assured quality and value come together. They give your grilles a classic, divided light look for rectangular patterns – bringing continuous horizontal and vertical bar components together.

  • Georgian
  • Flat Bar
  • Brass
  • Pewter
  • 7/8″ SDL
  • 15/8″ SDL

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Lifetime Warranty

Dan The Window Man warrants that each window or patio door that they manufacture is free of manufacturing and/or material defects for the lifetime of the product under normal use and service, subject to the limitations and conditions herein.

This Warranty is fully transferable at no additional charge. The warranty covers only manufacturing and material defects and does not cover defects or damages attributable to faulty installation or other non-manufacturing or material defects described herein.

Vinyl frame and vinyl sash members are warranted to be free of defects that might result in blistering, peeling, flaking, and corroding of the window frame or sash members for the lifetime of the product from the date of installation.

At its discretion, Dan The Window Man will repair or replace any defective vinyl frame or vinyl sash member free of charge with the same or equivalent product during the warranty period. This warranty is for material only and does not include installation costs. The warranty on vinyl frame and vinyl sash members shall remain in effect only if normal cleaning practices are followed periodically (see section of this Warranty entitled “Maintenance and Cleaning”). Furthermore, this warranty shall be null and void if harmful solvents are used to clean the vinyl frame or the vinyl sash members are painted or coated in any way. Painted product supplied by Dan The Window Man is warranted for 15 years. This warranty shall not apply to PVC extrusions which have been painted, varnished, or similarly coated by anyone other than Dan The Window Man or its authorized agent.

Dan The Window Man warrants that for the lifetime of the window or patio door from the date of installation, under normal conditions, the glass will not develop any material obstruction of vision which is the result of film formation or dust collection between the interior glass surfaces. In the event a glass failure occurs as a result of a defect in manufacturing, materials or workmanship, Dan The Window Man will provide a replacement glass product (installation costs are not included) for the life of the product.
Dan The Window Man warrants that the hardware shall remain in good operational condition and that it will supply replacement hardware, assuming availability form the original hardware manufacturer for the lifetime of the product. Where hardware is no longer available, Dan The Window Man will make commercially reasonable efforts to obtain a substitute.
Dan The Window Man warrants that for the life of the product it shall provide new glass units should the glass be damaged or broken for any reason except acts of God and war. The warranty is for material only and does not include installation costs.

Dan… Thank you for the professional ethics shown by your staff. Tidy and meticulous workmanship! I couldn’t be any happier with the new look of my older house.

Carrie Hill

Just wanted to say thank you for a great job on the windows. We are really happy with the install and the finishing touches.

Phyllis & Emmett Flynn

Hi Dan and crew! Just a note to let you know how thrilled I am with my new windows and front door. I know first hand that all “new windows” are not the same. Over my 28 years as a realtor, I have seen literally thousands of windows and I can spot the good, the bad and the ugly with a glance. I even go so far as to open them and check out the mechanics behind them, displaying them with eagerness to my clients.

Donna Bacher

Hi Dan! We just wanted to say thank you for our new windows and patio door. Everything is perfect. We love the new windows – easy to open and lock and the rotating feature for cleaning is amazing. But our favourite, by far, is the patio door. We NEVER have to clean the enclosed blind and there is no need for any kind of curtain or drape.

Sylvia and Bob Dixon

We couldn’t be any happier with our new windows. Our home looks great, we feel safer, and they are so easy to clean. Thanks, Dan.

Lance & Una Tweedie

Hi Dan. This is a way overdue THANK YOU for the great new windows! Your installation guys were great, very professional and friendly and we’re really happy with the windows. They look amazing and the trim colour is a perfect match!

Linda Molenaar

We are very impressed with the quality of the product and service from your company. Our replacement windows look great and have made a big difference in sound reduction and energy efficiency. We are certainly recommending your company to all our friends, relatives and associates should they need to have one or all of their windows or doors replaced.

Geoff & Wendy Obergan

Thanks for the wonderful windows, Dan! The quality of the windows and the installation are superb. Our friends and relatives have commented on just how much our new windows greatly improve the look of our 50+-year-old house, but most of all we are enjoying the lower heating costs we are experiencing since the windows were installed! Thanks again, Dan!

S. Bowyer

What a choice one has when looking for replacement windows and doors!! To the average homeowner like me, they all looked the same. From the initial contact to the sales visit, as well as the installation and follow-up, Dan The Window Man employees went far beyond my expectations! In my opinion, great product quality and customer service!

Anita S. Luyben


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